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What is Bullying?

Our anti-bullying policy sets out very clearly what bullying is. This is so that children, parents, teachers and governors will know what to look for if it does occur.

Bullying is:

 Persistent, unkind, verbal and/or physical, behaviour in which the victim feels threatened. It is wilful behaviour, keeping the victim in a high state of anxiety

 It can be:

Persistent social isolation (you can’t play)

  • Gangs or gang behaviour, in which others are incited to misbehaviour
  • Extortion
  • Persistent threatening of other children or another child
  • Persistent verbal abuse and taunting (including comments relating to any of the following: appearance, race, religion, SEN or disability, gender, homophobia, or general persistent taunts) which may include the use of technology and social media
  • Wilful and persistent physical hurting
  • Wilful and persistent damage to personal property.

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