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Latest School Meals Menu

Our latest school meals menu is out!!! Tithe Barn is piloting some delicious use of fresh ingredients for Stockport.Tithe Barn 3 wk


  1. Looks good in general but may be worth checking the detail again.
    On the first tuesday there is Cheese & Tomato pizza and pasta neopolitan. Why is only the pasta marked as vegetarian? also these are both carbohydrate based – are wedges necessary as well?
    On the thursday menu the vegetarian option is a tuna melt baguette – most true vegetarians do not eat fish. The other two options are chicken.
    The following tuesday the vegetarian option is spicay sausage pasta? again both carb based options come with extra potatoes.
    In fact – cheese and tomato pizza features every tuesday and always with a potato option.

  2. REply from Lisa Tottle – SK Solutions: The pizza can offered with various toppings which include meat (Meat Feast) so it was thought best to not label it as Vegetarian as a whole menu item. I can certainly make it clearer for you on the Tithe Barn Menu if required. We offer the wedges on the Tuesday as an extra for any of the ‘hungrier’ children. It is not expected that all children will take this extra carb and will be suitably replete with just the pizza and vegetables. We would not expect the wedges to be offered with the pasta dish as this contains the required carbs within the dish.
    On the Thursday we will be happy to offer Cheese Melt Baguettes as well as the Tuna Melt Baguettes as a vegetarian option. There are also the Jacket potatoes which can be offered with vegetarian fillings.

  3. Just to add to Aimi’s comments. It is important that fish dishes are not labelled vegetarian. Also, would it be possible to increase the range of vegetarian protein sources. I realise that nuts are not a possibility, but I would expect to see pulses at least once a week. Thank you

  4. Hi,

    I am also concerned about the Vegetarian meals on offer. Tuna is not vegetarian, and now I am concerned about the other meals which are labelled as Vegetarian.

    Please could you confirm that meals marked as Vegetarian do not contain any animal products.

    If the meal providers think Tuna is vegetarian, could they also think Fish sauce in a Spanish omelette is Vegetarian?

    If there is a contact at Solutions SK that we can talk to, that would be ideal.


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