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Eggstravaganza & Eco Newsletter

10th March 2020

Dear Parent,

This year we will be holding an Eggstravaganza in school on Friday 3rd April 2020. The aim is to raise money for the children’s chosen charity; for school and to have some fun!

The junior children will be running stalls in small groups, whilst the infant children will run a stall or activity as a class.

We will also be holding a decorated egg competition; we will be looking for entries where we can see how independent the children have been in their creations! A secret judge will be awarding prizes in the following categories:

  • Tithe Barn is 50!
  • My favourite book
  • Sporting Events

We are looking forward to a successful day and thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs K Muncaster


Our Team of Eco-Warriors

During the autumn we invited interested children from years two to six to apply to fill the role of Tithe Barn Eco-Warriors. We were completely inundated with amazing applications, and now have a team of thirty children, who are all eager to make our school and also the planet a better place.

Just before the Christmas holidays, a team of the older Eco-Warriors embarked on a fact-finding visit to the main Greater Manchester Recycling plant in Sharston. You can view the video they made about the trip and what they found out by scanning the QR code, or following the link below.


To read this Newsletter click here  Spring 2020 Eco Newsletter


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