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Understanding National Curriculum Assessment



The National Curriculum and (SATs).

The National Curriculum is divided into two key stages and Standard Assessment Tests and Tasks (SATs) are taken at the end of these Key stages.   We also administer optional SATs for Years 3 – 5.

Levels of Attainment

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level5
1C 1B 1A 2C 2B 2A 3C 3B 3A 4C 4B 4A 5C 5B 5A
 AvYr 2 Av Yr 6

As you can see, the SATs levels do not necessarily match the year your child is in.  At the end of Year 2 you may have achieved a level 1 or 3 in your SATs.  Likewise, at the end of Year 6 you may have achieved a level 3 or 5.  Each level is sub-divided in to three sub-levels; C-B-A.  The average child may make two sub levels of progress each year, for example: 2C to 2A.

 Teacher Assessments (T/A)

Alongside SATs results, you may also find an assessment Year 2 and 6).  Teacher assessment may differ from the SAT results, as the SATs can only assess children’s knowledge on a particular day, whereas the teacher can provide an overview of your child’s progress, in a particular subject, over a longer period of time. Both are useful pieces of information.