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Understanding National Curriculum Assessment



The National Curriculum and (SATs).

The National Curriculum is divided into two key stages and Standard Assessment Tests and Tasks (SATs) are taken at the end of these Key stages.   We also administer optional SATs for Years 3 – 5.

Levels of Attainment

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level5
1C 1B 1A 2C 2B 2A 3C 3B 3A 4C 4B 4A 5C 5B 5A
 AvYr 2 Av Yr 6

As you can see, the SATs levels do not necessarily match the year your child is in.  At the end of Year 2 you may have achieved a level 1 or 3 in your SATs.  Likewise, at the end of Year 6 you may have achieved a level 3 or 5.  Each level is sub-divided in to three sub-levels; C-B-A.  The average child may make two sub levels of progress each year, for example: 2C to 2A.

 Teacher Assessments (T/A)

Alongside SATs results, you may also find an assessment Year 2 and 6).  Teacher assessment may differ from the SAT results, as the SATs can only assess children’s knowledge on a particular day, whereas the teacher can provide an overview of your child’s progress, in a particular subject, over a longer period of time. Both are useful pieces of information.


What is Bullying?

Our anti-bullying policy sets out very clearly what bullying is. This is so that children, parents, teachers and governors will know what to look for if it does occur.

Bullying is:

 Persistent, unkind, verbal and/or physical, behaviour in which the victim feels threatened. It is wilful behaviour, keeping the victim in a high state of anxiety

 It can be:

Persistent social isolation (you can’t play)

  • Gangs or gang behaviour, in which others are incited to misbehaviour
  • Extortion
  • Persistent threatening of other children or another child
  • Persistent verbal abuse and taunting (including comments relating to any of the following: appearance, race, religion, SEN or disability, gender, homophobia, or general persistent taunts) which may include the use of technology and social media
  • Wilful and persistent physical hurting
  • Wilful and persistent damage to personal property.

Updated Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies

Anti-Bullying_Policy_September_2012[1]Behaviour_Policy_September_2012[1]Behaviour_Policy_September_2012[1]Although the behaviour of children at Tithe Barn is exemplary, we remain vigilant against bullying in all its forms. We have a new anti-bullying policy and have updated our behaviour policy to ensure that our sanctions and rewards are clear to understand. You can click on the attachments to access the full documents.


We will reward good work and behaviour with:




Written/verbal comments                                 Comment/picture on work


Stickers                                                               Hug/pat on back


House points                                                      Sharing achievement


Privileges                                                                        Photocopy good work to send home


Responsibilities                                                 Send child to Headteacher and other teachers


Certificates                                                         Class treats


Non verbal communication                             Displaying work


House visits to the park                                    Postcards home

Our Sanctions:

  • First time: Verbal warning
  • Second time: Visual warning: name moved to visual symbol, eg cloud, plant pot. Lose 5 minutes golden time in Reception/Key Stage 1 / name on lolly stick moved on to amber traffic light in Key Stage 2
  • Third time: Moved within classroom/ within playground (name moved to red traffic light in Key Stage 2)
  • Fourth time: Moved to a partner classroom/ to other playground – class teacher informs parents
  • Fifth time: Taken to Headteacher/ Deputy Headteacher who will counsel the student; call a meeting with parents or inform through letter or phone call home
  •  Severe Clause: Pupil is immediately removed from the room and taken to the Headteacher.


Our School Safeguarding Policy

Tithe Barn takes the safeguarding of children very seriously. We have recently updated our school safeguarding policy and it can be viewed as an attachment in this post.Safeguarding Policy_07.12