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Laurel Lane Choir 2nd March 2019


A huge well done to Laural Lane Choir and Alex. They sang brilliantly today and came second in the Music Festival competition, narrowly missing 1st Place by one point.

Their performance of Can You Hear Me? was so beautiful, it brought the audience to tears. Their second song—Doh a Deer—then made everyone smile.

A wonderful performance well done everyone and special thanks to Alex!!

TITHE BARN NEWS: March 1st 2019

Half the Year has Flown By…

We came back to school after our half term holiday to fantastic weather. The warm sun brought smiles to the faces of the children as they walked back in to the playground. Or was that the parents as they dropped them off?

As you are aware, we are working hard to make the process of getting the children into school more efficient. The school day starts at 8.50 and ideally we would like to have the children in and active as close to this time as possible.

We want to maximise their learning time!

To this end, the children are being asked to get ready to enter school with the whistle being blown outside just after 8.45am. Having watched the process in operation for the last few days, when this happens we get most classes in by 8.50.

Staff outside will start to move the reception class first. Please do not worry if the class is not their when your child arrives. We will happily slip younger children in to school and give them priority over the older children.

I have been approached by parents supporting the changes we have made to the start of the day. Staff too feel the process is working well.

Thank you for your co-operation in making this system better for all.

Alistair Blackburn

A Mouse Took a Stroll in the Deep Dark Wood…
I had the pleasure of watching the best production of the Gruffalo in town. Year 1 were amazing!

The story was brought to life with great costumes, wonderful acting and brilliant singing.

I know the many family members watching the performance were as impressed as I was. Thank you for encouraging the children with learning their lines, the actions and coming dressed for the part.

The best efforts of the children, the parents and carers and staff produced a spectacle that will be remembered for some time to come.

Reception Show he Way…
Our youngest members of the school showed off their talents in their class assembly recently. After exploring what makes a hero ‘super’, the children worked hard to understand their own talents and those of the special people they know. Every child spoke and enjoyed their new song.

Ah, Ah, Ah Choo!
Not to be outdone by the younger members of key stage 1, Year 2 wowed a large gathering of family members this morning. Their production had GERMS as its focus. Thanks to Dr. Pattison for her expert input; the children were then inspired to find out as much as they could.

I can safely say that everyone left a little more knowledgeable than when the y arrived. Who knew that germs from a sneeze could travel up to 10 metres!

A busy week for the Upper juniors:

Wednesday 27 Feb: Crucial Crew for Y6
This is a multi-agency event organised, through schools, by the police and supported by the fire service. They aim to raise awareness of safety issues to school children in Year 6.

Thursday 28 Feb : Romeo and Juliet for both Y5 and Y6
An amazing production. A big thank you to Saskia (Z-arts) for organising the tickets for us to watch the show. A fantastic stimulus for the children and the work they are completing this term.

Playleaders are on their way:

Miss Heap has spent time this week training up a very enthusiastic group of volunteers from Y3 and 4.

The children will be out at playtime and lunchtime to lead children in small games on the playground. We are looking forward to watching how they perform.

We are sure they will be a real asset and help some children have a more enjoyable time outside.

Wake up and shake up on its way. Watch this space!

Message From Mrs Muncaster

Hello All

I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind wishes. I’m now starting to feel much better and looking forward to returning to school in the next few weeks. I’m missing all the children and can’t wait to get back. I hope you all have a fantastic World Book Day. In know you will be dressed in your snuggly pyjamas or characters from your favourite books and I’m really looking forward to seeing the photographs!!

Have Fun reading, sharing stories and swapping books.

Best Wishes Mrs Muncaster


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