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Reading Newsletter


Welcome to our first reading newsletter. This term as a school we wanted our focus to be on encouraging and developing every child as a reader.

The pleasure that reading a book can provide, alongside the amazing learning opportunities is something to be cherished. We want to encourage all our children to engage and enjoy more books!

In this newsletter you will find materials to support and encourage your child to read.  There will be information on training for parents, exciting opportunities and book recommendations. We hope you find it useful.

Developing Early Readers

Thursday 21st January at 7pm via Google

Suitable for parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and 2.

During this one-hour session, Katherine Muncaster will explain how reading and phonics is taught in school

The session will examine the stages of development of early reading and the skills that children need to acquire to become a reader.

The session will explain how you can support your child and encourage them to become a reader.

There will also be recommendations for books that can be shared and enjoyed at home.

This session will be available live and will also be recorded.

Wednesday 27th January at 7pm via Zoom

Suitable for parents of children in KS2

During this one-hour session Dawn Robertson, a Manchester-based English Consultant, will share ideas about how to support your child with their reading.

She will give you a little background in how reading is taught and assessed in school by sharing information about The Reading Content Domains as this will help you see how reading texts can be looked at with your child. She will give you lots of practical ways to make reading an enjoyable and engaging activity for both of you! 

Dawn is passionate about books and will give you advice about where to find some great texts, especially right now when we can’t go to libraries or book shops! 


Tithe Barn Times 8th January 2021

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all our children and families.
Whilst this may not be the return to school that we all hoped for, as a school we are determined to provide the best provision that we can.
Our priority for this half term for our children is to provide high quality home learning. This will include ‘live lessons’ for our children to participate in and we will be sharing our initial weekly timetable with you. Whilst we have tried our best to spread out the lessons throughout the day, we are aware that there may be clashes for some families with siblings.
Therefore the live lessons will be recorded and shared through the Google Classroom Stream. It was lovely to see our children’s eager faces on the live meets over the last two days and we miss having all of our children in school.
If there is anything further we can do to support you at this difficult time, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Katherine Muncaster