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Tithe Barn Times 2nd October 2020

Wonderful Learning

It has been a busy time at Tithe Barn. I have seen some amazing examples of learning in school.
* Reception have been learning the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n
* Year 1 have been taking a dot for a walk and exploring Paul Klee’s art work
* Year 2 have been learning about London and created an amazing display of observational drawings,
*  Year 3 have been busy learning how to use the different applications on Google classroom
*  Year 4 have created their own scutum (Roman shields)
* Year 5 have been creating time lines for the history of space
* Year 6 have been investigating evidence that proves the earth is a sphere

We are looking forward to sharing your children’s learning at our upcoming parents’ evening and via the school’s social media platforms.

Please read the attached newsletter and details of this year’s Flower Festival

Thank You for Your Continued Support

Katherine Muncaster

Autumn newsletter 3

Flower Festival 2020

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