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Brainforest Way

We have a unique philosophy called ‘The Brainforest Way’. The ‘Brainforest Way’ is a different and integrated way of thinking, learning and behaving, which is unique to the School. It has been developed by staff over several years to ensure we achieve our vision of developing ‘Cheerful Confident Achievers’ within the whole School community. There are four main trunks in the ‘Brainforest’: Teaching and Learning, Technology, Citizenship, and Sustainable Environments. These trunks are supported by roots and the rich soil of the ‘Brainforest’, which symbolises a ‘Positive Attitude’ with which anything is possible. We believe that specifically educating our children in these five elements will prepare them for the challenges of the future. The ‘Brainforest Way’ seeks to develop an environment that creates the optimum condition for individuals to grow through their personal and collective behaviour. Like a forest, its trees are unique; they have different roots and outward appearance, but their core needs are the same.¬†However, unlike trees in a forest, individuals in the ‘Brainforest’ can move and determine their future, and support others to do the same.