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Term Dates


Tithe Barn Primary Term Dates 2020-2021


Term School Opens School Closes
Autumn 1 Thursday 3rd September 2020 Friday 23rd October 2020
Autumn 2 Tuesday 3rd November 2020 Tuesday 22nd December 2020
Spring 1 Thursday 7th January 2021 Friday 12th February 2021
Spring 2 Tuesday 23rd February 2021 Friday 26th March 2021
Summer 1 Monday 12th April 2021 Friday 28th May 2021
Summer 2 Monday 14th June 2021 Tuesday 27th July 2021


May Day: Monday 3rd May 2021


School In-Service Days

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Monday 2nd November 2020

Monday 22nd February 2021

Wednesday 28th July 2021



Tithe Barn Term Dates 2019- 2020





May Day: Monday 4 May 2020

Please note changes to Stockport LA term dates are indicated with a *

School In-Service Days
Monday 2nd September 2019
Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Monday 28th October 2019
Monday 24th February
Monday 27th July 2020


Tithe Barn Term Dates 2018-19

Term School Opens School Closes
Autumn 1 Tuesday 4th September 2018 Friday 19th October 2018
Autumn 2 Tuesday 30th October 2018 Thursday 20th December *
Spring 1 Monday 7th January 2019 * Friday 15th February 2019
Spring 2 Monday 25th February 2019 Friday 5th April 2019
Summer 1 Tuesday 23rd April 2019 Friday 24th May 2019
Summer 2 Monday 10th June 2019 Friday 26th July 2019

May Day Monday 6th May 2019

*Please note the changes to the Stockport LA term dates.

School In-service Days (school will be closed to pupils on the following days)

Monday 3rd September 2018

Monday 29th October

Friday 21st December 2018

Monday 29th July 2019

Tuesday 30th July 2019


Tithe Barn Term Dates 2017-2018


Term School Opens School Closes
Autumn Term 1 Wednesday 6th September 2017 Friday 20th October 2017
Autumn Term 2 Monday 30th October 2017 Tuesday 19th December 2017
Spring Term 1 Thursday January 4th 2018 Friday 16th February 2018
Spring Term 2 Monday 26th February 2018 Thursday 29th March 2018
Summer Term 1 Monday 16th April 2018 Friday 25th May 2018
Summer Term 2 Monday 11th June 2018 Friday 27th July 2018



School In-service Days (school will be closed to pupils on the following days)


Monday 4th September 2017

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Monday 30th July 2018

Tuesday 31st July 2018


In Service Days;

Schools are provided with five academic days per year for staff training. These days are provisional and may be subject to alteration.





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