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School Special Educational Needs and/or Disability Offer

Tithe Barn Primary School SENDCO

Welcome to our first newsletter dedicated specifically to SEND. I would like to introduce myself as Tithe Barn Primary Schools new SENDCo. I am here to offer support and advice regarding additional needs or SEND support for your child. At Tithe Barn we are proud of our open door policy so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or need some support. Alternatively you can make an appointment to see me in person by contacting the school office.

My role as SENDCo at Tithe Barn is one of strategic management of SEND in school. My duties include:  overseeing the day-to-day operation of the school’s SEND policy. Supporting the identification of children with special educational needs. Liaising with other providers, outside agencies, educational psychologists and external agencies.

It is my intention to produce a SEND newsletter on a half- termly basis, in order to keep you up to date with all SEND news and updates that take place here at Tithe Barn. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to feature in future SEND newsletters please let me know via the school office.

I am looking forward to working in partnership with you and your child on their learning journey through Tithe Barn School.

Mr Frank Earp

SENDCo and Year 5 teacher.

General principles of meeting the educational needs of learners with SEND

The Children and Families Act 2014 introduced a major reform of the system for identifying children and young people in England with special educational needs (SEN) assessing their needs and making provision for them.

Further information on Special Educational Needs: Support in England was also introduced in the House of Commons Briefing Paper of the 25th July 2019.

The local authority has a legal responsibility to ensure suitable educational provision is made available to all children. In doing so, they must have due regard to the SEND Code of Practice for England. Which provides practical advice to them; educational settings and others carrying out their responsibility to identify assess and provide for learners with SEND.

What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer is a description of all the services available to support children with SEND and their families.  This information sets out what is normally available in schools to help children with SEND as well as highlighting what support is available for families who need additional help to support children with more complex needs.

What Stockport’s Local offer will do

Stockport’s Local Offer will provide parents/carers with information about how to access services in Stockport and what they can expect from those services.  With regard to education, it will let parents/carers and young people know how schools and colleges will support them, and what they can expect in the local settings.

How does Tithe Barn support a child with SEND?

Each pupil’s education programme will be planned by the class teacher.  It will be differentiated accordingly to suit the pupil’s individual needs.  This may include additional general support by the class teacher or by a teaching assistant in class.

If a pupil has needs related to more specific areas of their education, such as spelling, handwriting, numeracy or literacy skills then the pupil may be taught in a small group.  This will be run by a teacher or a teaching assistant. The length of time of the intervention will vary according to need, but will generally be for a term. These interventions will be recorded on a class provision map.  If you have any queries about the intervention please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher or SENDCo.

Occasionally, a pupil may need more expert support from an outside agency, such as Speech and Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy.  A referral will be made, with your consent and sent to the relevant service. After further assessments, a programme of support may be given to the school and parents/carers.

Working in partnership with parents and carers

As a school we recognise the uniqueness and individuality of children and adults alike. We realise that every parent/carer will bring a unique set of values, beliefs, attitudes, backgrounds and circumstances to our school. We believe that understanding these factors will support and help to build positive relationships between home and school.

We understand that:

  • Parents/carers have a vital and unique knowledge about their child’s needs;
  • Developing a positive relationship with parents/carers based on mutual trust and respect is the cornerstone of the partnership between home and school;
  • A wide range of factors need to be taken into account prior to and during discussions about a child’s development and progress.

How are the governors involved and what is their responsibility?

The governors of Tithe Barn Primary School ensure that the school is as inclusive as possible and treats all children and staff in an equitable way.  They monitor and review statutory policies as defined by the Department for Education. Tithe Barn has a designated governor for SEND, Steve Inch who oversees the work of the SENDCo and staff and ensures that the provision set out in the SEND Policy is being carried out. Additionally the governors receive an annual report from the SENDCo.

SENCO Newsletter

SEND Newsletter summary 1 October 2019

School Special Educational Needs and/or Disability Offer

The new Children and Families Act 2014 places a duty on education settings to co-operate with the local authority in creating the Local Offer. In addition, from 1st September 2014, maintained nurseries, schools and academies will have a duty to produce and publish an  SEN Information Report which describes detailed information about how their SEN policy is implemented.

For information on the Stockport Council Local Offer, visit:


Parents in Partnership Stockport (PIPS) is a group for parents and carers who have children or young people in Stockport with disabilities or additional needs. To find out how to access their services, please visit:


Pips Guide to support in schools copy

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