At Tithe Barn School we love books, we love reading books, and hope to inspire everyone to love reading too!!
We believe in ‘Every Child a Reader’ and understand that reading for pleasure makes a big difference to children’s educational performance. We believe it is important to provide rich, diverse, high-quality texts and have a treasure trove of fantastic books to grab our pupil’s curiosity and imagination.
We have authors, poets, and illustrators who work with children to share their expertise, and have more visits and online sessions planned in.
Please find below some fantastic books for each year's group.
We encourage all parents and carers to regularly listen to their children, tell the story of a picture book, read and share stories, discuss how the characters might be feeling, what might happen next, and what words would you use to describe....
Even when your child is a fluent reader listening to them read is fantastic.
We also have some fantastic resources on sharing the love of reading with your child.....
Rocket Phonics

Here at our Tithe Barn we love to read!

The Importance of Phonics

 Word-reading is one of the essential dimensions of reading; the other is comprehension.  Skilled word-reading involves working out the pronunciation of unfamiliar printed words (decoding) and recognising familiar printed words. Underpinning both of these is the understanding that letters represent the sounds in spoken words. Fluent decoding supports pupils’ comprehension, because they don’t have to devote mental energy to individual words.  A good grasp of phonics is also important for spelling, contributing to fluency and confidence in writing. (DfE 2012)

 Phonics is the method of teaching reading and writing by correlating sounds with letters or groups of letters.  There are 44 sounds in the English language which we put together to form words.  Some sounds are represented by one letter like the 't' in tin, whilst other sounds are represented by two or more letters like 'ck' in duck. 

Children are taught the sounds, how to match them to letters and finally how to use the letter sounds for reading and spelling.

Please click on the attached PDF to find out all about our approach to teaching phonics and how we develop a love of reading .....

We Love Reading
At Tithe Barn Primary School we love reading and sharing great books and resources. Our aim is to share high quality text to engage our pupils, inspire their curiosity and let their imagination take them on exciting adventures. Books are an amazing resource here are some books we hope you enjoy as much as we do...